Travel Assistance

Going to another city to study is very tough for students. Just imagine how they could feel when they need to travel alone for their study abroad. Dezire Abroad Consultancy understands the student’s anxiety and makes their journey comfortable as well as safe. However, when we are talking about Travel assistance, we are not only talking about your flight tickets, we are also talking about the place where students will be staying.
We will guide you and offering you all the certain documents which need to carry during your Travelling.
Dezire Abroad Consultancy takes every possible effort to make the student’s journey hassle-free. We take all the responsibility for student’s flight booking and help students to get ideal journey routes, dates only at an affordable rate. In addition, we offer suitable Travel insurance plans with full assistance facilities. For more information, regarding assistance services and prices you can contact our representative any time to get an instant online quote. For assistance regarding Travel bookings please send an email to