Scholarship Guidance

Dezire Abroad Consultancy is the one-stop destination to get the best guidance about how to succeed in winning scholarships. We fully understand the value of the money which parents have spent for their children and try our best to offer some kind of financial help in the form of scholarships for the students who wants to study abroad. Candidates with excellent academics are eligible for scholarship benefits. But this information is needed to be shown in such a way that it gets noticed.

However, there are options/exceptions an applicant can avail scholarships from Abroad Universities:

Applicant Exceptions – Applicants with Distinct characteristics like race, gender, religion or medical issues are largely granted scholarships.
Scoring Best in a Particular Subject – By scoring excellent marks in any one subject in Mathematics, Science, Literature or another language can get you a scholarship.
Science Scholar – If you excel in science and conduct various experiments may get you a scholarship.
Scoring High in IELTS/GRE/PTE – Scoring more bands in IELTS increase the chances of getting scholarships. Scope gets higher if you score high in academics as well.
Multi-Talent Applicant – When evaluating scholarships, Foreign Universities look for dynamically talented personalities. It is good if the applicant is a part of sports, athletics, or other co-curricular activities.
Avoid Hiding Disadvantages – It’s not necessary for the applicant to look always positive. Revealing the negative side of yourself gives a point of scholarship that how you have handled difficulties and negative phases of life.
At Dezire Abroad Consultancy, we try our level best and help the deserving candidates to get their scholarships. However, scholarships awarded to the students are totally dependent on the Scholarship Committee of the institutions.