Pre-Departure Guidance

Every student feels anxiety about leaving the comfort of their home before taking his flight for education abroad. Therefore, at Dezire Abroad Consultancy, our experts are very sensitive towards this feeling and provide all the Pre-Departure Guidance to the students that will help them in their airport pick-ups, Accommodation Arrangements as well as handling enquiries related to the migration.
We organize Pre-Departure Guidance for the students so that they will not face any kind of hassle during their journey. We also provide them with our 24 x 7 support number while travelling. This helps them to get in touch with us anytime for any clarification or information during their journey.
In addition, we conduct Pre-departure guidance to smoothen the adjustment period for life at Foreign Universities. We will also provide pre-departure seminars to the students including student visa procedures, your insurance requirements and other important preparation materials. We provide all the things in detail so that the student does not miss anything important. Actually, we provide the best overall experience. Our Pre-Departure guidance helps to make students understand various important things, and helping in studying abroad efficiently and making dreams come true.