Finance Assistance

Are you wondering how you are going to finance your study overseas? Are you looking for Visa Financial Assistance or a student loan to study overseas? If yes, then we will help you. We know it can be very expensive if you are not eligible for the scholarship. You can think of the option of an Education Loan. Whether you want to move overseas for business-related purposes, travelling related purposes or want to settle there, you need money for all this. We Dezire Abroad Consultancy understand you and provide you with full financial assistance by offering you all the immigration assistance. We know sometimes, you just feel to drop your plan to study abroad because of financial issues. But now don’t worry. We have all the solutions. So that you do not need to move anywhere in search of financial help.
Once you make a plan to go to a foreign country for travelling or for studies you can contact us anytime for any Visa Financial Assistance in Chandigarh. We will help you to achieve your dreams.

Our aim

At Dezire Abroad Consultancy, our aim is to help all our clients with all types of Assistance. We will help them to clear the doubts they may face during their move abroad.
In addition, we have a team of experienced and professional experts who will guide you through all the different ways. From Bank Loans to foreign exchange advice or applying for scholarships, Dezire Abroad Consultancy aims to find the most efficient and the best route towards completing your education. Our financial experts will explain all the funding options documentation as well as the commitments that the client will be agreeing to. We have tie-ups with various Bank Managers and their agents who specialize in loan assistance. Especially for the students who want to go overseas for their studies.