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Canada Work Permit Consultant in Chandigarh – Canada is the country that has the largest economy in the world. It is an ideal destination for those who want to study or work abroad. As it creates various business as well as employment opportunities for individuals. According to reports, Canada is highly dependent on foreigners especially skilful workers for smooth functions and to run its industries properly.  However, experts suggest that if you take proper assistance from a trusted immigration consultant on the right migration pathway that suits your needs then it is not tough to get secure your Canada Work Permit from India.

Dezire Abroad Consultancy – Best Canada Work Permit Consultant in Chandigarh

Dezire Abroad Consultancy is a reliable and the Best Canada Work Permit consultant in Chandigarh. We provide job assistance as well as guidance on different aspects from Canadian employers and professionals working in different industries in Canada. Hence, you can contact us anytime to know about your Canadian work eligibility and apply for Canada work permit from India.

How can you get a Work Permit?

Individuals who get a job offer letter from a Canadian Company need to apply for a work visa.  This work permit is issued to eligible candidates to go live as well as work in the country for a specific period.  In this article, we will mention the top Canada visa requirements, its application process and its fees.

Work Visa Categories for Candidates

  • Permanent Employees – Eligible candidates are required to get a work visa to immigrate to Canada as skilled employees.
  • Temporary workers – Canadian administration provides two types of work visas – Open work permits as well as Employer specific work permits. An open work permit allows you to work for any company in any field. But with the Employer specific work permit, the candidate will work for only that Company whose details are in the work permit form.
  • Business – Businessmen, Investors are required to get a work permit to enter Canada.
  • Agricultural workers – Canada offers agricultural jobs to individuals who are living in different countries through the Seasonal Agricultural worker program.
  • Students – International Students can work Off-Campus and on-campus in Canada part-time as an intern. However, Graduate students can also obtain their post-graduation work visa or apply for PR in Canada through an Express entry program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate must have a valid Passport
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds to travel as well as live in Canada
  • Should have no name in any criminal activity
  • Medical exam certificate
  • Offer Letter of the Company
  • Invitation Letter
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